SYSTEP Engineering and Design is a Chilean consulting firm highly specialized in the field of technical and economic studies of the energy sector, founded in 1989.

SYSTEP is an organization that combines permanent technical staff with consultants hired for specific projects, which allows the firm to form highly qualified teams for each study or project it undertakes. Also Systep maintains cooperative partnerships with other Chilean and foreign consulting firms to address major studies or when the disciplines involved require it.


Our Director, Dr. Hugh Rudnick (IEEE Fellow) has made contributions as a consultant and researcher in the deregulation of the electricity sector in Latin America, both in regulation and pricing of transmission and distribution, and the organization of competitive generation markets.

His contributions have been a reference to deregulatory processes that are taking place in other parts of the world. He has also conducted research on dynamic phenomena and other areas of power engineering, with more than 300 articles in refereed journals and international technical conferences.