Project evaluation and market studies

Support for national and international companies and investors in the analysis of projects in the energy sector:

  • Investment evaluations in the energy sector.
  • Price projections, marginal costs and electricity tariffs.
  • Support in financing process as independent market consultant.
  • Studies of generation’s eficient expansion.
  • Analysis of investments in the renewable energy sector.
  • Calculation of transmission tolls.
  • Planning of the operation of electricity systems.
  • Analysis for insurance companies.
  • Arbitration proceedings.


Planning and electrical studies

Electrical studies for design and connection of generation and transmission projects:

  • Connection studies for generation, transmission and demand projects.
  • Expansion planning of transmission and distribution systems.
  • Electric studies for the operation of power systems including steady and dynamic analysis, electromagnetic transients, protection coordination and reliability studies.
  • Feasibility studies for the connection of new generation and demand projects.
  • Electric equipment specification and standarization of design norms.


Regulatory and tariff studies

Analysis for both the public and private sectors on economic and technical regulatory schemes, effectiveness of current legislation and support for tariff setting processes.

  • Development of the regulatory framework of the energy sector.
  • Regulation and pricing of distribution companies, transmission, subtransmission and mid-size systems.
  • Preparation of proposals for amendment of regulations.
  • Comparative studies of international experience in regulation of electrical systems.