The Systep Team is pleased to present the Monthly Report of the Chilean Electricity Sector (in Spanish).

This month’s editorial takes stock of the Basic Services Law and presents an analysis of the new Law 21,423, which establishes subsidies for vulnerable clients and regulates the apportionment and payment of debts for basic services. In addition, a comparison is made between the social protection measures applied in Chile with respect to the rest of the world, providing recommendations on the direction that the next public policies should adopt.

Additionally, the Electricity Market Report’s statistics are available to download in Excel format from our statistics website. Through this, we seek to facilitate the community’s access to relevant information related to the electricity sector. For that, we monthly collect and organize the most relevant data of the National Electric System:

Analysis of the operation of each interconnected system.
Systep 12-months spot price forecast.
Summary by companies.
Auction prices.
Non-Conventional Renewable Energies.
Regulatory monitoring.
Projects in Environmental Impact Assessment.

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