The Systep Team is pleased to present the Monthly Report of the Chilean Electricity Sector (in Spanish).

Due to the worldwide epidemic produced by the Covid, this month’s editorial analyzes the state of the electricity sector and the possible effects that the pandemia could have on the industry. The government announced a series of measures to support the most vulnerable families, and aid the financial stress of SMEs, which will mean a cost related to lower collection for the segments of the sector. The discussion is which of the segments will largely bear this cost, and in this context, there have been several associations that have spoken, pointing out that the financial stability of the sector must be controlled and not interrupting the payment chain. The government will soon give definitions of the mechanism it will apply to benefit vulnerable households.

Analysis of the operation of each interconnected system.
Systep 12-months spot price forecast.
Summary by companies.
Auction prices.
Non-Conventional Renewable Energies.
Regulatory monitoring.
Projects in Environmental Impact Assessment.

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